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OXM-HP Series

OXM-HP Series

Medical systems 95% or 99.5%

The Medical Systems provide medical grade oxygen with a purity that conforms to the USP93 United States Pharmacopeia, the CE 93/42/CEE European Directive for Medical Devices, Canadian Standards, and the A.N.M.A.T. Argentina Pharmacopeia.

OXAIR medical systems are turn-key systems fully integrated with oxygen generator modules for 95% or 99.5% oxygen purity.

These systems include a second stage purification system for removal of residual argon to further increase the oxygen purity to 99.5%. Power consumption is in the order of 2.6 to 4.4 Kw/Nm3. Oxygen delivery pressure are of the order of 90 psig with storage up to 160 psig (6 to 10 barg).

Consult factory for detailed information.